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Meet the C Family:

family pose

These adult children are giving their mom the best mothers day gift possible, photos of themselves and their family. When Mary (not pictured) messaged me to set up photos of the grandchildren for a mother’s day gift for her mother in law, I encouraged her to talk her husband and sister in law into jumping into a few shots as well. Mary grew up with my son Tommy, so I can identify with Mary’s parents. I explained to her that although they are fully functioning adults, they will always be their momma’s babies, and all moms love pictures of their babies. They took my advice and are going to make their mom so very happy this Sunday. I should also mention that the grandchild shot, which was the priority, could have been very difficult if it weren’t for one of the most cooperative (and beautiful) 5 year old big sister/cousins ever. Shooting a 5 year old, 3 month old and 6 month old can be a very tall order, but not this day.  Here are the favorites from the session:


    Meet Newborn Baby E (24 days old):

    newborn baby girl purple wrap



    I have been anticipating the arrival of Baby E for a very long time now. Mostly because she’s my good friend and long time neighbor Ann’s first grandchild, and she has been anticipating her arrival.  Baby E lives in  Pittsburgh, so she was a bit older than most of my newborns.  She is a beautiful little girl. Those big blue eyes were looking right at me for most of her photo shoot. She wasn’t the easiest baby to work with, she wasn’t very interested in sleeping, but we still managed to get some great shots. Mom brought a mermaid outfit that she really wanted her photographed in, and once Dad saw my little drum kit, that shot became a must have as well. Here are my favorite shots from Baby E’s session: