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Every now and then I see something on Pinterest that I really want to try. I typically collect a few ideas, do my research, collect the supplies I will need and then ask my most recent customer if they would be willing to come back for a complimentary session and let me play with them.  I shared my vision with this beautiful momma to be and made absolutely sure that both her and her husband were completely comfortable with both doing the images and posting them on line.

We played around with 3 ideas.  The first was a Milk Bath.  We shot it in my bathroom, so this set is available at the studio to anyone who wants to do it. I’ll just need to know in advance so I can make sure my tub has been freshly scrubbed for you.  It would have been ideal to do these shots last so we could get her hair wet, but we needed to shoot it first, or we would have missed out on the natural light. We used powdered coffee creamer to get the water nice and milky looking. The milky water is perfect for the self conscious momma in her last trimester, it hides anything that’s not peeking out of the water. We used fresh flowers for this, but I am going to keep an eye out for silk flowers, so we can shoot this anytime of year. This shot really needs to be done during daylight hours for natural light.

Next we played with Belly casting. It was remarkably easy to do.  It took about 15 minutes start to finish. Once it is completely dry I will add a thin coat of plaster and sand it smooth. When momma brings Baby G for her newborn session, we will snuggle her into it for a few shots and momma will take it home with her. Belly casting is available as an added service to Maternity Sessions. This is a new service and the cost is subject to change. Please check the pricing page for the current cost of this service.

The last shot we did was a before and after image.  I will post more about that once baby G arrives and we have the after shots.

I whole heatedly believe in giving credit to those who inspire me.  The Belly Casting inspiration came from the talented Ana Brandt.  Click here to see her work.

The Milk Bath inspiration came from the talented Mackie Jean Photography. Her work can be seen here.

Here’s what we came up with:



And here are a couple of shots of the first step of the Belly Casting:

    Photographer Frederick MD - Sunflower Garden

    I found the best little backdrop for photo sessions. My new favorite location is The Sunflower Garden, located at 2390 Manchester Road in Westminster, MD.  It’s a bit of a distance from the studio, so there will be mileage added to the session fee, but it’s totally worth it, if you are looking for a beautiful garden setting for your photos. Here are my top 10 reasons why I think you should book a session here.

    FYI Fellow Photographer’s – To request permission to shoot at The Sunflower Garden, Mr. Digg’s, the owner, requests that you message him via The Sunflower Garden’s Facebook page.  There is a $20 Entrance fee to shoot there.

    Click here to see more of the Family/Maternity session I did at The Sunflower Garden

    Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Book a Shoot at The Sunflower Garden


    1o.  The little stone wall – There is a little stonewall that the kids or family can sit/stand on with beautiful colored flowers behind it. This was the perfect spot to sit 4 siblings, for a fun huggy shot.

    Photographer Frederick MD - Sunflower Garden

    Photographer Frederick MD - Sunflower Garden

    From another angle it can look like a whole field of flowers behind you.

    9. This Happens Photographer Frederick MD - Sunflower Garden Photographer Frederick MD - Sunflower Garden 8. Chickens – There are chickens. They are fenced in. The kids loved watching them run around. They were all tucked into the hen house by the time we were finished shooting. It was just like the hen house in Foghorn Leghorn cartoons.

    Photographer Frederick MD - Sunflower Garden

    7. Take Home Flowers – The Photographers entrance fee includes a bouquet of pick your own flowers! Of course we let the kiddos choose the flowers for the grown ups to cut, and give them to mommy to take home.

    Photographer Frederick MD - Sunflower Garden

    6. Silhouettes– Although the farm is surrounded by tall fields and trees. There is a spot between the driveway and the main gardens where you can get a silhouette shot. It doesn’t face the sunset, but it will do. I couldn’t find a spot that faced the sunset. Please let me know if you figure one out.

    Photographer Frederick MD - Sunflower Garden

    5. A Little Extra Light – We started our shoot 90 min before sunset. Which is a little early for good light. There is field of flowers planted along a hill right next to some woods that is nice and shady at that time of day. The flowers are taller, but the hill allows you to shoot down a little and see your subjects peeking out. By the time we were finished there, the light was perfect for the other fields.

    maternity photographer Frederick MD - Sunflower Garden

    4. Rows – All the flowers, including the sunflowers are planted in rows. This means you don’t have to traipse through prickly weeds, snagging your clothes or skin. This is especially tough to do with children in toe. At The Sunflower Garden it’s easy to find a spot to pose a group, or get a shot of the kids running through them. With the right angle, you can make it look like they are standing in a field. Photographer Frederick MD - Sunflower Garden Photographer Frederick MD - Sunflower Garden3. More Than Sunflowers – It’s not just sunflowers. The gardens are full of colorful flowers of varying heights. It’s so pretty there.

    Photographer Frederick MD - Sunflower Garden Photographer Frederick MD - Sunflower Garden

    2. Sunflower Variety – There are both taller and shorter varieties of sunflowers, some rows are all tall, some are all shorter, and some are a combination. These options are everything to a photographer. Especially when your studio caters to little ones. Those tall flowers can be tough to work with when your subject is only 30″ tall.

    Photographer Frederick MD - Sunflower Garden

    The taller variety

    Photographer Frederick MD - Sunflower Garden

    The shorter variety with a few tall ones mixed in.

    1. Mr Diggs – Anyone who writes LOVE in sunflowers is my kind of guy. He made us feel so welcome. He gave us the run of the property and even took me on a quick tour of some secret spots before we started.

    Photographer Frederick MD - Sunflower Garden

    When I saw this, I knew it was going to be a good shoot.