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One Year Old Twins!!

I’m not sure how good it is for business for me to admit this, and far less than professional, but I actually had no idea these cutie pies were coming for pictures  Saturday.  When I looked at my calendar Friday night it said I was free Saturday.  I was starting to feel congested and I was glad to be able to spend a day in bed recovering.  The last time they were here baby sister was sick, so I rescheduled them (not Jenny).  I just copied and pasted their info and forgot to write re-shoot in the calendar.  My assistant is so on top of things when she saw them in my calendar, she deleted them (probably assuming I messed something up, which she probably has to do frequently) Needless to say when they arrived at noon on Saturday I came to the door in my PJ’s and glasses.  We figured out what happened and mom and dad offered to come back.  I have only been working with them for about 6 months, but this was their 3rd session in that time.  I explained it was congestion, not a stomach bug, and knowing how much work goes into getting here x2  said “if you don’t mind me doing the session as is (no shower, tissue tucked in sleeve, wearing pj’s)  I will be happy to do it for you”.  They breathed a sigh of relief and said they appreciated it.  So here it is, my first photo shoot in pj’s…

undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefinedI mentioned they were one year old twins right?  Very mobile, not big on negotiating.  I love this shot.  Two beautiful babies going in opposite directions. This is real life.


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