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A Little Bit About Your Photographer

Amy Masser Baby Face PhotographyHi. My name is Amy Masser.  I am the mother of two really great kids.    I opened Baby Face Photography in 1997 when they were one and three.  What was I thinking?  Actually, I know exactly what I was thinking. I couldn’t find a reasonably priced creative photographer in the area who specialized in children. So I started taking my own creative pictures. When my friends saw the pictures, they asked me to take some shots of their children. Pretty soon, strangers were calling for pictures. I took a few classes to learn the basics of studio photography and Baby Face Photography was born! I have filled my studio with child-sized props and wardrobe, many of which are original pieces I designed and created myself. BFP was designed to cater to young families. At BFP, it is understood that sometimes it takes a lot of patience to get the perfect shot..

I think what sets me apart from other photographers is my personality.  You can see it in my children as well.  We are a perfect mix of goofball and rockstar.  My sister says I relate so well to children because I refuse to grow up myself.   That coupled with my ability to appreciate the moment at hand.  Just because the shoot isn’t going as planned, doesn’t mean I am not taking pictures.  Sometimes a great pout can be the perfect shot.  I love to read people and engage them.  I try to open them up and bring them out.  I do this even when I am not behind the lens.  I love to get a reaction.  I entertain myself by giving the perfect compliment to a complete stranger and watching their body language change.  I am always looking for the most beautiful angle or expression on every face I see.   Children are by far my favorite subjects.   I think it’s their honesty that is so beautiful to me.  A close second would be a parent holding their child.  That is the picture of true love.

I absolutely love my job.  Thank you to all the parents who continue to bring their beautiful families for pictures.  Watching your little ones grow has been a constant joy.  Thank you for sending your friends for pictures and allowing me to continue to do what I love.  See you soon.