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Every article, blog, podcast, and webinar I see advise that you include personal tidbits on your website and social media business pages.  It’s supposed to make you relatable and be good for business. I’m pretty open on my personal pages, but I tend to keep my online business presence strictly photography. After having read yet another article encouraging me to allow potential new customers to peek into my personal life I’ve decided to give it a shot. I have resisted taking this advice in the past for a few reasons. For starters, I really don’t think I’m very “relatable”.  I play with babies for a living and I live with a 23-year-old Disney Princess (Queen actually now. She’s given herself a promotion despite my telling her that you can’t be a Queen if your mother is still alive.) who’s alter ego is a superhero. My daughter has down syndrome and she is a ray of sunshine. Bad moods stand little chance around here. I guess the main reason I don’t share about my personal life on my business page is that I get annoyed when people hear about Katie and express pity. I need to like my clients and that reaction completely rubs me the wrong way. My studio is in my home and just as I have watched so many of your families growing up, you have also watched mine. When you meet us in person, you instantly feel the positive energy and love. Pity is the last thing that would cross your mind. Katie is sweet, creative and hysterically funny (not that she’s going for funny) and I revel in all of it. I thoroughly enjoy taking Queen Elsa to the grocery store with me. I love watching her makeup tutorials (you can watch it here…OMG it’s ridiculous) and the random soft knockings on my office or bedroom door telling me to turn on the music (AC/DC’s Back in Black, her alter ego’s theme song. I have it on my phone ready to play at a moments notice along with royal procession music, should Queen Elsa knock.) so she can make an entrance. She’s actually become quite the celebrity in Downtown Frederick. This is the third year that she’s been old enough to attend Alive at Five on Thursday evenings and she treats it like a performance. In her mind, the crowd is there to watch her dance which she does often all by herself. When the band finishes a song, she steals the applause, facing the crowd and taking a bow. I can’t go anywhere in Frederick by myself without someone I’ve never actually met asking me where my daughter is. That took a while to get used to.

My son Tommy no longer lives with us. He’s 25 now. I know it’s time, but I still hate it. We still manage to see him at least once a week. He’s building his acting portfolio, performing in local theater productions while working as a manager at Family Meal. I fully expect to be bragging about his Broadway debut one day. Tommy got Katie a spandex unitard, cape, and mask for her 23rd birthday.  She loves it.  She instantly named herself Super Amazing Girl. So, of course, I made her a decal for the unitard and the cape.  We did a quick shoot in the studio a few weeks ago.  I can’t decide which edit  I like best.  I sure hope this new sharing thing doesn’t backfire. I’ll lay it out a little bit at a time. I think this is a good start. Girl with down syndrome dressed as super hero flyin over city Girl with down syndrome dressed as super hero flyin up from  city at night