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Downloading your images from Google Drive

  1. Sign into your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you will need to create one. It’s a very good idea to have secondary on-line storage for your photos.  Google Drive is an excellent option for that, and it comes free with every gmail account.

  2. Click on the link I provided you with. Then click on the blue “open in google drive” button in the upper right hand corner . google drive 1

  3. Highlight all of the images you want to download (Control + A ,will select all), right click and select download from the drop down menu. google drive

  4. You will see “Preparing download” in the bottom right corner of your screen. The images are full resolution. Large batches may take a while for the download to prepare. You may want to consider doing several smaller batches. google drive

  5. Once the images are ready to download, your download pop up box will appear. Choose ‘Save File’ to save the images to your computer. google drive download filesUnless you selected a different location, the files you just downloaded should show up in your downloads file, usually located in a subfolder in your c:/users/… folder.  They will be in a compressed .zip file and will need to be unzipped or extracted to access them.  Locate the file you just downloaded, right click on it, select extract, or unzip, or whatever option your computer is giving you that is similar to that command. It varies according to your operating system. You will be prompted to select a location for the files. It’s a good idea to put them in a separate folder with the rest of your photos.