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Fabulous Ms E * Frederick MD Children’s Photographer

One of my favorite little customers, the fabulous “Ms. E” and her mommy, came for Ms. E’s 3 year old pictures. She walked in the door and her mom said “we’re gonna need to re-do her hair”. I looked down at Ms. E to see what her mommy was talking about, and saw a spunky little brown eyed girl beaming back at me with pride, sporting at least 15 different hair clips, hap-hazardly clipped in her curly brown hair. I restrained myself and maintained my professionalism, but I wanted to hug them both. Mommy for allowing her little 3 year old to express herself in this way and build such confidence, and Ms E because she was so stinkin’ cute I could hardly stand it. “I see” I said in agreement, “but not before we take a few shots of this masterpiece” This is definitely something you’re going to want to remember. Apparently Ms. E does her own hair this way every morning. Mom brought a few dresses that she had worn when she was a little girl, and now fit Ms. E. Ms. E picked her favorites and pranced around the backdrop in them with a personality bigger than she is. During the shoot they filled me in on the fun and funny things they have been up to. Their relationship reminded me so much of my son Tommy’s and my relationship at that time. When the shoot was over I was compelled to pull out an old Creative Memories photo scrap book, to show Ms. E’s mommy a particular page I did when Tommy was 3. I wrote from Tommy’s point of view about everything he liked and disliked at 3 years old. There are definitely things that I would have forgotten by now (16 years later) had I not documented them. We both got a little teary eyed reading it. Ms. E’s mommy was inspired to go home and document the three year old life of the fabulous Ms E, and before they left I got those hugs!

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