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Newborn Portfolio – Frederick MD Newborn Photographer

I have photographed over 1000 newborn babies since I started Baby Face Photography in 1997.  My experience has taught me that newborns photograph best before they are two weeks old.  However I offer the newborn style sitting up to 6 weeks of age.

Your baby needs to be asleep in order to get the shots.  Sometimes this can take several hours in the studio.  I need to be able to manipulate the baby’s position without waking them.  A baby who is awake will not maintain the desired pose.  It is helpful if you can keep your baby awake for a few hours directly prior to coming to the studio.  I realize this can be a difficult task.  I have listed a few tips to make the most of your newborn shoot at the bottom of this post.

I have attempted to select a few more images to update my newborn portfolio…it’s been a daunting process.  I photographed 108 newborns just last year.  It’s difficult to choose which ones to highlight.  If you would like to see more, and my most recent work with my littlest clients please click on the categories button in my menu above and select newborns.  You can also see more of my work with newborns at the bottom of this page under “You might also like:”



Tips for keeping baby awake:

Keeping the baby awake is extremely important.  This becomes especially necessary when young siblings will be included in the shoot.  Some ideas for keeping your baby awake include:

• Bathing
• Stretching out the time between the feedings prior to the shoot
• Burping the baby more frequently than necessary so they don’t fall asleep while eating

It is a good idea to plan on feeding the baby as soon as you arrive in the studio.  This will allow you to undress the baby prior to feeding and provide for a smooth transition should the baby fall asleep.

What to bring:

Newborns are tastefully photographed naked.  You do not need to bring anything for your baby; however those who plan to be photographed with the baby will need to bring the following:

• White shirts (for images taken with baby on a white backdrop)
• Black shirts (for images taken with baby on a black backdrop)
• If a family shot is desired make sure all family members have the same color shirt (either black or white)
• Dad will need to bring a long sleeved, buttonless, black shirt for the “hand shot” (example in gallery)

Fair haired/skinned people usually photograph best in black, while dark haired/skinned people photograph best in white. It is recommended that siblings wear white for their pictures with baby regardless of their hair/skin tone.

Amy Masser is an experienced Frederick MD Newborn photographer who produces Fun Creative images at an affordable price.