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Santa’s Reindeer are Here!

Not really, but we sure can make it look like they were!

Photos with a reindeer

Photos with a reindeer

Real Reindeer are actually pretty dangerous. I know this first hand. I went to a reindeer farm, a few years ago, to photograph the reindeer that I turned into overlays for my studio. Here’s a selfie I took with one of the baby reindeer while I was there ( I really don’t like selfies). Their antlers are huge and wide, and they know how to use them. Like most animals, they have individual personalities.  Some of them were nice, and some of them didn’t really want me around, and they let me know it.

This is my third year offering the reindeer pose, and Baby Face Photography’s 20th year in business You don’t get that kind of longevity in this industry unless you “get” kids. I have several tricks up my sleeve to get the little ones to pose so it looks like they are interacting with the reindeer. I take the bigger kids into my office before we go outside to shoot the reindeer shot, and show them how I pop the reindeer into a photo. Once they see it for themselves, they are on board. I instruct them how to pose, so it looks like the reindeer was really there. More importantly, I explain what not to do. Believe it or not, the little ones are often easier to work with. If you happen to be here on a cloudy day, I can even make it look like it just started snowing.

I am not offering mini sessions this year. The reindeer pose is available to my customers during any of my regular one hour sessions, weather permitting. We need to shoot it outside in the field behind the studio or in an outdoor location. My regular one hour sessions cost $250 and include unedited high resolution files of all captured images. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I allow you to choose 10 images for editing, and deliver them to you within 3 days of your shoot. The unedited images are delivered the day of the shoot. If you would like to book a session with me please email me at, or click on the contact button at the top of this page. Please include a few dates and times that you are available, and I will get you in as soon as possile. If your children are still napping, please consider their mood when determining your availability. I want to see your children at their happiest time of day. Here are a few before and after shots that I have done so far this season.  Photos with a reindeer

This two year old little guy had a great time trying to get the leaf off of the stick that Daddy was teasing him with. His reach was perfect for petting a reindeer. It was actually pretty tough deciding which shot we liked the best.   Photos with a reindeer


Reindeer Pictures for Christmas

We did this shot on location. I pulled some photos up on my phone so they understood what I need them to do. They nailed it pretty quickly. Reindeer Pictures for Christmas

This little guy was 4 years old. It was pretty cold outside and he wasn’t very happy to be out without his jacket on, but he really did try to cooperate. It’s just tough when you’re cold.  I just checked the time stamps on his photos. I could tell the reach wasn’t going to happen in 49 seconds, so we switched gears. 52 seconds later we were finished with the reindeer shot.  I believe we were talking about how delicious bugers are in order to coax this smile.  Reindeer Pictures for Christmas

Here are a few more reindeer shots I took in the last few weeks: Reindeer Pictures for Christmas Photos with a reindeer reindeer christmas pictures Photos with a reindeer Reindeer Christmas pictures

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